Design 6
Similar to how water shapes canyons through erosion and subtraction, the concept behind this construction is that of subtractive architecture. By removing massesĀ from the inside, courtyard like spaces begin to form, the curves provide elegance and movement horizontally while the subtractive decrease as one moves upward creates rhythm and vertical movement. Chiseling away at the interior allows natural light to fill the center of the structure, this provides sunlight for the green walls that forms a canopy like sensation around the courtyard. This structure serves as an inverse to the Nature Reserve, located to the east, by inverting the mass and bring life from the inside out. The nature reserve is designed with with MiMo curve like patter that shapes the board walk that guides pedestrians through the tree canopy. On the other hand, the building inverts the mass with the plant life while it keeps the abstract circulation on the interior. This same curved courtyard joins with the mirrored variant to allow circulation throughout the neighboring buildings.
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