Design 4
For this assignment, the class was asked to design a Peace Center for the city of Chandigarh, located on the north face of the capital complex. Before designing, I researched on the city project started by Le Corbusier, followed by research on Moshe Safdie and his peace center and a variety of the world's top religions. Upon this research, I observed the repetitive use of water, transparent materiality, the importance of light, and encouragement for fellowship and unity. My first thought was “nature” followed by a mental image of treehouses made of glass. Instead of extruding the planes I decided to depress the exterior planes and creating a reflecting pond about the property. The water would provide tranquility, transparency, and reflectiveness, not only of oneself but of light. The glass curtains provide views to the Shivalik mountains, the capital complex, and the open-air theatre. Provided with large trees for shade and boardwalks connecting the spaces to offer a unique experience.
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