Design 2
Raised in Kingston, Jamaica’s projects known as trench town, Bob Marley experienced poverty and hardships at a young age. Guided by his passion for music, Bob Marley fought hard to give his family the future they deserved. Due to an unfortunate death, his life was cut short at the age of 36 but his legacy remained in the hearts of many. The cenotaph replicates the world through the eyes of the Legend. As one approaches the structure, its 11ft tall panels consume the former. Walking through the threshold, one is guided by the sound of water -life or music- located within the walls, out of sight. The further in one walks, the tight space suddenly opens up, and the water becomes visible. With the end in sight, an abrupt finish awaits, water flows under one’s feet and the vast scenery brings peace over the beholder. The panels represent stages in life and simulate the walls of a trench. The topography has been cut to the shapes caused by the light cast between the panels.
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